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Prism Magician

What is the Magician? The Prism.Magician is a highly specialized development package that works with Prism for WPF, Uno Platform & Xamarin.Forms. With the growing set of Roslyn Analyzers and Code Fixes the Magician is the next best thing to pair programming with Dan & Brian in person.

The Magician is contains a small class library with a number of various attributes that can be used at the Assembly, Class, Method or Property level. Depending on the attribute, the Magician will then use a Code Generation where possible, and IL weaving where necessary to help you write more efficient code.

Who Can Use It?

The Magician is NOT an open source library or available via In order to use the Prism.Magician you must be one of the following:

The Magician is available on AvantiPoint's Customer Portal for Enterprise Support customers, and is available for all other consumers via the SponsorConnect portal.

For those working with a team

If you have a team of developers who require access you should either all be a GitHub Sponsor for proper legal access, or contact Dan through his company AvantiPoint for Enterprise access. Note that there are various options available for company licensing, some options include official support for Prism while other options may include access only to the Magician and other exclusive packages or tools.

3rd Party Support

In addition to the Magician understanding how to work with WPF & Uno Platform the Magician also has some key integrations to support developers who may be working with:

  • ReactiveUI
  • Shiny Lib
  • Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection

Try it out

Want to see more on how to use the Magician, you can try out the sample apps on GitHub.